Frizzy Hair Control

Summertime is creeping up on us here in the South and you know what that means…humidity!  Yes, that dreaded humidity will turn our perfect hair into a frizzled nightmare when you walk outside.  Don’t let your hair frizz take control of you.

Check out the info-graphic below on some home-remedy techniques you can do yourself to control your hair frizz.  Additionally, come on in to you’re local hair salon (hint, hint) and I can get your frizz under control with professional products!

home remedies for frizzy hair

Keratherapy Hair Straightner

Actual client using hair straightening techniques.

First off…look at that frizz!  Not no more!

Utilized the Keratherapy Smoothing Treatment solution to provide hair straightening for my awesome customers.  First Photo is customers original hair, second is half way through application, and final results of Keratherapy treatment, along with the product I utilize.

This treatment solution should last approximately 3-4 months before having to reapply.

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